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01 June 2012 @ 05:23 pm
My Top Five: BPAL Scents  
This is really HARD. A top 10 would be easier because I love so many but I'll try...

1. The Sportive Sun (Limited Edition, and I'm crying because eventually I will run out ) I love this omg and it smells like Dorne in my head somehow I can't explain but I love it and I want to keep it forever.

Mine are the night and morning,
The pits of air, the gulf of space,
The sportive sun, the gibbous moon,
The innumerable days.

I hid in the solar glory,
I am dumb in the pealing song,
I rest on the pitch of the torrent,
In slumber I am strong.

Heliotrope, amber, almond flower, frangipani, cedar, and calamus.

2. The Haunted Palace (Another Limited Edition, of which I will eventually run out *sob*) This is almost the only scent I have found that has roses in it that I can wear. Rose scent for whatever reason magnifies and overpowers everything when I wear it but this one mostly smells like blood orange, vanilla and amber. GAH. Also because of the blood orange this is what I think the Water Gardens in Dorne smell like. >.>

In the greenest of our valleys
By good angels tenanted,
Once a fair and stately palace -
Radiant palace - reared its head.
In the monarch Thought's dominion -
It stood there!
Never seraph spread a pinion
Over fabric half so fair!

Banners yellow, glorious, golden,
On its roof did float and flow,
(This - all this - was in the olden
Time long ago,)
And every gentle air that dallied,
In that sweet day,
Along the ramparts plumed and pallid,
A winged odor went away.

Wanderers in that happy valley,
Through two luminous windows, saw
Spirits moving musically,
To a lute's well-tuned law,
Round about a throne where, sitting
In state his glory well-befitting,
The ruler of the realm was seen.

And all with pearl and ruby glowing
Was the fair palace door,
Through which came flowing, flowing, flowing,
And sparkling evermore,
A troop of Echoes, whose sweet duty
Was but to sing,
In voices of surpassing beauty,
The wit and wisdom of their king.

But evil things, in robes of sorrow,
Assailed the monarch's high estate.
(Ah, let us mourn! - for never morrow
Shall dawn upon him desolate!)
And round about his home the glory
That blushed and bloomed,
Is but a dim-remembered story
Of the old time entombed.

And travellers, now, within that valley,
Through the red-litten windows see
Vast forms, that move fantastically
To a discordant melody,
While, like a ghastly rapid river,
Through the pale door
A hideous throng rush out forever
And laugh - but smile no more.

The moment before the ruin, frozen. The scent of captured glory, of glowing pearls and rubies, of golden sunlit joy and regal grandeur: red rose, Tunisian amber, blood orange, toasted vanilla, heliotrope, gardenia and red musk.

3. Maenad - I originally got this one from [personal profile] zephyrofgod , who didn't like it much and this is a fussy scent because it either does yummy things on your skin or smells like a strawberry went berzerk.  On me smells like strawberries and oranges.

Orgiastic mayhem in the extreme: sweet strawberry and orange blossom distorted by carnation, black poppy and hibiscus.

4. Sybaris - tonka, violet and a hint of incense are what come out when I wear it. LOVE.
The pinnacle of wealth, luxury, self-indulgent pleasure, voluptuousness and sensuality. Bright violet with sweet clove, Mediterranean incense notes and tonka bean.

5. Mag Mell  - On me this smells like I imagine fairy land would. Verbena, rain and amber are what hit me most.
The Plane of Joy, eternal reward for a lifetime of valor and glory. A place of eternal youth and beauty, strength and honor, music and revelry. The warmth of amber, the puissance of white ginger and the clarity of verbena, with fresh green grass, lush sage and cleansing droplets of summer rain.

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fragrantwoods: jayne best dayfragrantwoods on June 1st, 2012 11:16 pm (UTC)
Good, lovely choices! If it makes you feel any better, I have never, ever run out of a LE scent before I got tired of it for all time. My first introduction to LJ was the re-sell posts in sin & salvation (before I realized I didn't need to hoard my favs).

Some of my great loves off the top of my head are The Shivering Boy, Snow White, Pink Snowballs, Milk Moon,and Cupid Complaining to Venus. But there are so many more that I have loved. And my first loves were Swank, Bordello, Kuang Shi, O, Dorian, Envy, De Sade...gah. And I got into BPAL when their catalog was a fraction of the size it is now.

Still have a "Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab" orange sticker on my back car window and am wearing a "Joyful Moon" tee tonight :-)
the dream girl: friendssummersdream on June 2nd, 2012 04:51 am (UTC)
Lol! I do need to clean out some BPAL. I was super lucky a couple years ago when some LJ friends sent me a bunch they didn't want or needed to be rid of and I have like a giant surplus.

Milk Moon is amaaaazing. It's one of my faves too. Oh and Dragons Milk.

Hee. I'm just glad I'm not alone in my addiction to "that crazy perfume place" as my mom calls it. She thinks it's "hippy perfume, but not bad." *sigh*
(Deleted comment)
the dream girlsummersdream on June 2nd, 2012 04:49 am (UTC)
Oh noes!! :( I don't have that one but I've got a few of the other moons. I'll keep an eye out for it though!
What about aliens?: cypriaender839 on June 2nd, 2012 02:37 am (UTC)
I'd tell you how many bottles I have stockpiled of my all-time fav, but I'm pretty sure that hoarding that much Snow, Glass, Apples is grounds for being smacked. :)

(It's a lot.)
the dream girlsummersdream on June 2nd, 2012 04:52 am (UTC)
HAHAHA. Hey if you have a fave, you should hoard it. If I run across any more of Haunted Palace or Sportive Sun they are MINE. *grabby hands* I want to smell good foreverrrr.

Snow Glass Apples sounded amazing in the description so I cannot blame you for hoarding it.
What about aliens?: ezio bnwender839 on June 2nd, 2012 05:15 am (UTC)
It's probably one of my two or three favorite smelling things ever, including freshly baked bread and stuff. I'd bathe in SGA if I could, no joke.

If you want to try it, I have an empty (LOL, running through it like crazy!) that I can pass along.
the dream girl: cakesummersdream on June 2nd, 2012 07:45 am (UTC)
aah do not tempt me! I may though... but after we move. I'm afraid people sending me things now might end up in mail purgatory because we're supposedly moving out of here and into a hotel for a few weeks soon, then into the house and I just have no faith in the postal service keeping up.

Hopefully once we get moved I can set up a list of BPAL stuff I have and see if any of my LJ friends want some freebie imps because I have lots of them that didn't work on me and I want to share out the addiction.