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13 April 2012 @ 05:39 pm
Random GoT babbling, including Skins etc  
Okay I find it awesome the Skins cast keeps finding its way to Westeros but it is REALLY distracting me that Gilly is Cassie and I want to know if Gilly has eating disorders and if she will will go "Wow" or "Lovely" a lot and get totally trashed and maybe not eat for three days so she can be really cute for Sam and/or Jon and then Gendry will finally get to the wall to be like "Hey everybody lets get drunk YEY!" 

I really, really wand Kaya Scodelario/Effie to be a Sand Snake. This entire Skins:Westeros is in my head like a bad crossover fanfic at this point. I'm just saying. TONY SHOULD BE AURANE WATERS AND POSSIBLY DAARIO. Jai will be a new Bloodrider, and the twins can be whoever, and-- I'll stop. I'm still advocating Effie for a Sand Snake though.

But Tony! He was in Clash of the Titans (with Effie, srsly do not think I didn't notice), and he's Beast so why can't he show up too? Please, HBO? 

Anyway... Robb and his actor need to be less awesome. I'm never going to be over the fact he and Renly are texting about how Renly is fantasizing about Robb, etc.

And I also (secretly) think that Melisandre's actress might have been way more awesome as Cersei than Lena Headey. /Blasphemy. Seriously though I don't like Lena that much but I do like her Cersei... just still can't quite forget it's Lena I'm looking at.